registered model

arverneblack and chestnut


it was the saddle of the "cow boys" of the center of france during the XVIII century, very comfortable for both rider and horse. she distributes the weight on all the surface of the horse's back.

  • 3 coats of foam rubber and 3 different densities,
  • the leg is fixed thanks to the knee roll
  • she's reassuring thanks to her small pommel and wrapping cantle
  • classic strap system 3 points in V.
  • classic neopren girth
  • 11 points for fix the luggage
  • 2 positions of stirrup leather ( forward and backward)
  • stirrup on choose: girth and stirrup
  • weight 7 kg
  • colours




registered model



same technical characteristics than arverne

  • fenders with neopren knee roll,
  • close shell stirrup and
  • neopren girth.
  • weight 6.5kg