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At the moment this saddles are available, they are delivred by post after your payment, in the limit of available stock.

procedure: you fill in the order form (you clarify that is an available saddle) and you send us your order form by post , e-mail or fax.



trec endurance 18" t2 chocolate and chestnut

trec sport 18" t2 chestnut and chocolate

th voyagage comfort 17" t2 chestnut and chocolate

th rando comfort 17" t2 chocolate

brivadoise 17" chocolate and chestnut

era 17" t2 chocolate

australe with horn17.5" t2 chocolate

normande 18" t2 chestnut and chocolate

th rando comfort 18"t2 chestnut

old timer comfort 18" t2 chocolate


second hand :

nothing at the moment


if you don't find your happiness in this list, the wait is at the moment: 3 weeks